The number one feature of our app is that it keeps your real number private
Unlike other apps on the market which simply forward messages to and from your real phone number we never collect any personal information from you. This way your messages are sent and recieved completely anonymously. Even if we were subpoenaed we could not truthfully tell which throwaway number is connected to your device. The phone number we supply is issued through a real carrier so even if a number was traced it would only lead back to the carrier and never back to your account.
Crash and Burn
Feeling extra paranoid, maybe you really shouldn't of sent that message, no problem. Simply click on the crash and burn button and your account along with all the messages you ever sent or received are deleted. When we say deleted we mean it, we couldn't recover your information even if we tried!
Have a nosy spouse, friend or roomate who likes to grab your phone and discover what you have on it? No problem, even if they discover the app on your phone and demand you give them the pin we got you covered. Give them your saf-pin and all they will see is an error message stating your account has not been activated yet. Sneaky huh?
Great Value
For as little as $2.99 USD / month you get a second number, unlimited incoming messages and a generous amount of credits to use for outgoing messages.