Frequently Asked Questions

1. My messages don't seem to be going through, what could be wrong?
First and foremost check to make sure the number you are sending to is in the correct format. Throwaway-numbers expects the number to be in the international phone number format. Country Code, City Code, Phone Number. Use all digits, no other characters. For more on the international phone format go here.
2. I'm not receiving replies or incoming messages how do I fix it?
Typically it takes about 1 hour for all the features of Throwaway-numbers to be fully activated. If it's been more then an hour and you are still not seeing your incoming messages send an email to
3. Is it possible to have more then 1 throwaway number?
NO, currently the system only supports 1 number per account.
3. Why can't I make voice calls with my throwaway number?
This is a feature that may be released in the future when the price of making a call would be significantly cheaper. We have strived to make Throway-numbers completely anonymous and in order to allow incoming voice messages we would of had to forward the call to your regular number and thereby making a trail which could be easily traced and thereby eliminating the anonymity we are striving for.
4. How do I cancel my account?
You can go the settings page and click the Crash & Burn button. This will delete all your history from the application. Any unused credits, messages or other personal settings would be erased.
5. How come I have to pay monthly fee to keep my number?
Just as you have to pay a monthly service fee for your cell phone you must pay a montly fee to keep your Throwaway-number. We buy each number from local carriers and must pay a fee to them to keep the number reserved otherwise it is recycled.