Pay As You Go

  • Free Unlimited Incoming Text Messages.
  • $2.99 For The Initial Sign Up.
  • Pay only for the credits you use.


All The Bells & Whistles

  • Get a phone number in over 17 countries.
  • Works just like regular text messages.
  • Safe-Pin to keep your data private.


In Their Own Words

"Now I feel free to meet and mingle.
If I meet someone new I give them my Throwaway number. If it doesn't work out I drop the number and get a new one."
Sarah M.

So what's this all about?

Throwaway Numbers, is a Web App that allows anyone in over 17 countries to have a disposble number to shield their privacy. Throwaway Numbers is a full featured app that works with your existing data plan or wifi to allow incoming and outgoing messages.

Shield your real phone number from spammers, sales reps, people you meet for the first time and if you start getting overwhelmed simply drop then number and get a new one!

Get Your Private Number Now!